Safety comes first

In all our trips safety comes first. We follow strict guidelines so that your trip will be pleasant and safe.

We at Reykjavik Viking Adventure have a clear and strict safety policy. The safety of our guests is our number one priority.

Reykjavik Viking Adventure has an official licence to operate an open ship with passengers from the Icelandic Transport Authorities ICETRA and as a tour operator licence from the Icelandic Tourist Board.

All our crew members are experienced skippers and guides. They have all undergone a thorough maritime safety and training program with the Icelandic Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre.
Never forget that it is better to remember a safe trip than not to remember at all.For your own safety and comfort we ask you to dress according to the Icelandic weather. Wear warm outdoor clothing and proper walking shoes.

Although our Viking ship was designed and built to sail between countries on open sea over the North Atlantic Ocean, we only sail in safe waters around the Islands in the Reykjavik bay. Far enough to encounter the wild nature and close enough to be safe all the time.