Sail like Ingólfr the first Viking settler

In the settlers' footsteps

In the Viking Tour you sail on a same type of Viking ship as Ingólfur Arnarsson, the first Viking settler in Iceland when he came to Reykjavik in 840 AC.

Landnáma (written two to three centuries after the settlement) contains a long story about Ingólfr’s settlement. The book claims he left Norway after becoming involved in a blood feud. With his step brother Hjörleifr Hróðmarsson, he sailed for Iceland. When land was in sight, he threw his high seat pillars (a sign of his being a chieftain) overboard and promised to settle where the gods decided to bring them ashore. Two of his slaves then searched the coasts for three years before finding the pillars in the small bay which eventually became Reykjavík.

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