Sail like a Viking

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Sail like a Viking

Come on board with your group and enjoy a unique experience to sail an authentic Icelandic Viking ship. Get some wind in the sail and learn about the vivid culture and stories of the first Icelandic Viking settlers.

Duration: 1 – 1 1/2 hours
Passengers: 1 – 12
Daily suggested departures: 9:30, 11:30, 13:30 and 15:30
Season: June – August
Price: ISK 125,000
Departure location: Þingeyri, village in the West fjords of Iceland

To add extra time, different time, a Viking musician or a Viking meal to your tour please contact us directly at

Sail like a Viking from Þingeyri, a small village in Dýrafjörður of the West fjords in an authentic replica of the Gaukstad ship from 900 AD. This is a unique experience for sailing enthusiasts, history buffs and Viking fans alike. It’s also the perfect way to get off the island and feel the wind in your hair!

You’ll feel like a true Viking as you set sail. Our crew of a Viking captain and a Viking guide will make your journey a personal experience sailing around the islands on Dýrafjörður.

You will learn the Viking way to navigate on sea and how to maneuver the sail like Ingólfr did when he settled in Reykjavik in 874 AD. Or you can imagine yourself to be Gísli Súrsson of Haukadalur in Dýrafjörður or Kjartan Ólafsson, the hero of the famous Laxdæla saga, who sailed from nearby Breiðafjorður Bay and journeyed to Norway to seek his fortune, bringing back many fine gifts from the king himself.

The Gaukstad ship, from which this replica is made, was discovered in Norway in 1880. The original is an excellent example of a trading or transport ship from the faraway Viking past, built of strong oak which stood the test of time. Originally, it had room for 32 oarsmen and could reach speeds up to 12 knots on the open sea.

While you are on the water, be sure to look over the nearby cliffs and islands for the distinct orange beaks and black-and-white feathers of puffins. Cast your eyes over the waves to spot whales and other marine life breaking the surface. It is easy to imagine how sailors in the Viking Age would have welcomed these uplifting sights after many days at sea.

This is an open boat, so for safety and comfort we ask you to dress according to the Icelandic weather. Wear warm outdoor clothing and proper walking shoes.

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